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Grand Canyon National Park at dawn from along the Kaibab trail

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I remember standing at a lookout along the edge of the Grand Canyon for the first time and being totally amazed by the beauty and the magnitude of the canyon. It wasn't until I climbed down into the canyon, though, before I really began to feel the immensity of it. Sheer walls ringed the canyon, towering three thousand feet above the desert landscape I was on, and I still had to descend more than two thousand feet to reach the Colorado River.

Each sunrise in the canyon is a mystical time. As the early light of dawn softly envelops the starlight, the whole canyon begins to glow. This warm light of pre-dawn soon fades and the landscape seems to darken... The first sunlight is a soft edge of reddish light that gradually brightens on the highest canyon walls, and slowly works its way down to the center of the canyon. I found a beautiful spot along the Kaibab trail to watch, photograph, and become completely involved in this spiritual experience.

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