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Late summer sunset from the summit of Cascade Mountain

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Also, check out the Scrolling Panorama and the Zoomable Panorama of this view.

This panorama was taken during the second evening of our 'Full Moon' Photography workshop in mid August, 2000. We spent the first evening on Connery Pond, photographing the evening light there - and finally got to see the moon after the clouds broke up and we were paddling back to the put-in point. I thought we'd try some mountain photography the second evening and headed up Cascade. Cascade has a spectacular panorama to begin with, so I thought if there was a chance of seeing the moon rise, this would be as fine a place to photograph it from as anywhere.

Clouds pretty well covered the sky when we reached the top. The weather satellite photo had showed some clear air to the west of the Adirondacks, and we could see a faint clear band on the horizon, so it looked promising for some great sunset conditions. As the sun settled through the breaking clouds to the west, sunshafts spotlighted some of the peaks, as well as some of the ponds in the valleys.

The sun began to glow a beautiful reddish color as it neared the horizon. As it did, the breaks in the clouds allowed the sun to highlight all of the clouds in the eastern sky with a beautiful golden glow. In addition, the light coming from the clear sky above the breaks in the clouds in the east allowed a beautiful bluish wash to paint the sky and mountains below the highlighted clouds... Every sunset and sunrise is unique, but this one especially had qualities I don't remember ever seeing before...

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