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Panorama of the summit of Mount Washington and the northern Presidentials

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Also, check out the Scrolling Panorama and the Zoomable Panorama of this view.

I had traveled to the top of Mount Washington, NH a number of times in the winter of 1998, working to get panoramic photographs for the pair of posters we did from the summit. As I was wandering around the summit looking for what I thought would be the best views, I walked over to the top of Ball Crag and decided it would be a great place to shoot a full 360 degree image that would include the summit buildings, as well as the northern Presidential Range of Mount Clay, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison. After doing the photography I wanted to from the summit the next morning, I rushed on down to Ball Crag to set up and photograph after the sun was a bit higher in the sky.

They don't call Mount Washington, 'the rockpile' for nothing! The view looking across the highest summit in the NE in late winter is as barren as it can be, with mostly only a jumble of rocks and snow visible in the foreground. It's a place that's been swept by the strongest winds recorded on Earth, 231 m.p.h., and where hurricane force winds are experienced more than half of the days each winter. Even the summer conditions on the summit often feel more like winter conditions with the potential for snowfall and high winds in every month of the year.

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